Institutionalized Management

Having established its management system in accordance with requirements of ISO9000 international quality management system, the FASS implements a perfect legal-man-management structure, strictly abides by legal business regulations and obligations to pay tax. When providing service products, it strictly implements trade standards, contracts and pays high attention to treat client’s complaints collected during services; performs labor contract system for staff members; insists that security guards cannot be recruited unless they have passed through perfect recruiting procedures, including political examinations, that security management officials are allowed to assume their posts through competition mechanism and subject to work efficiency examination system. In staff management, it implements a kind of system combining system management with humane management, that security guards are required to strictly comply with discipline provisions and post duties including requirements defined in “six prohibitions”. The company has established standardized rewarding and punishing mechanism, security picketing groups equipped with special cars to perform effective supervision that security staff under its jurisdiction abides by discipline rules and provide clients with service as required.

Thanks to strict and systematic management, the FASS possesses a highly-disciplined team of staff and security members with excellent qualification and exquisite professional skills capable of forging famous brand of foreign affair security service.

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State Standards Beijing local standards The Company passes
through ISO9000

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Company leaders and project managers conclude responsibility agreements Establish picketing system to supervise service quality
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Security man’s Right and Benefit Insurance Card Self-produced multi-media material